Sales Development Representative Resume Sample

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Sales Development Representative Resume Sample

Some of these technologies are essential to have, while others offer extra value to the sales team such as scalability, automation, or increased productivity. While they may not be responsible for the final closing of deals, they play an important role in sales prospecting which is a core part of business success. A sales cadence, or a repeatable sequence of sales activities for outreach, gives SDRs and other sales team members a framework to follow and eliminates the “free-for-all” mentality. A number of things go into each responsibility, but at the end of the day what matters is the number of qualified leads SDRs move through the sales process. Sales development representatives are quality control for sales leads.

sales development representative skills

Teama use Vidyard — an easy-to-use tool that lets you quickly create videos using your webcam and screen share function. You can use several software options for video prospecting, including Loom and Soapbox by Wistia. In a small business, you may be assigned a specific territory or market segment to focus on. It’s your responsibility to identify potential sales outlets, assess market trends and competition, and tailor your sales strategies accordingly.

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To master self-control, remove distractions (such as extra screens, colleagues in the line of vision and personal devices). Add natural pause points in what you have to say to check if prospects want to ask or say anything. That thick skin is gained through experience and a high level of self-awareness, which is being aware of and understanding your character, traits, susceptibilities and ability to overcome setbacks. Phone calls are a wireless or wired connection made over a telephone or a mobile phone between two people. Two parties are involved in a phone call, the caller and the receiver.

Effective reps should constantly be strengthening and refining their closing techniques to seal the deal. Overall, having deep product knowledge means you can answer any question that comes your way, devise creative solutions to customer problems, and offer consultations that’ll lead to opportunities. As buyers get better and better at solo research, product knowledge will help you better convey your unique selling proposition. If you aren’t sure what value your product offers and what the key features are, it’s impossible to convey these elements to your buyers. Additionally, selling the wrong product to your customer is a faux pas to avoid if you want happy returning buyers. To continue progressing in your sales career, consider developing and refining the following skills.

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Sales reps need to qualify leads and get certain questions answered. Prospects often need a few moments to collect their thoughts – and great SDRs give them those moments by consciously pausing (for at least 3 seconds) before speaking again. A Sales Development Representative, or SDR, is one of the primary roles within a sales and marketing team. They are inside reps who are focussed more on inbound lead qualification and channeling those leads into qualified appointments.

sales development representative skills

Explore sales development representative jobs, salaries, and career possibilities. The sales development representative position is definitely not for someone who is unable to formulate succinct answers and provides rambling answers. Having a lot of filler words in their sentences is also a big red flag to take note of.

Identify Good Customers

Sales training and professional development opportunities can keep your skills fresh. Being a lifelong learner gives you a competitive advantage in the game of sales. Besides purchasing in-person or online sales programs, you can take free certification courses through vendors like HubSpot Academy or Sales Engine. Every year, it seems like Sales Enablement rolls out a new tool for the sales team. And while technology can be a huge productivity booster, it can also be a huge productivity decreaser. Reps must be able to differentiate between shiny new tools that are fun but ultimately distracting and resources that actually improve their bottom line.

  • When you’re on an exploratory call, you want to be prepared for every question, objection, or circumstance a prospect throws your way.
  • Active listening skills fall somewhere between “soft” and “technical” — they can be both explicitly taught and measured, and also practiced through exposure over time.
  • The main goal of customer service is to build a strong relationship with the customers so that they keep coming back for more business.
  • These reps sell products because they know how to persuade, rather than push.
  • Consistent practice of these skills will help you master them in no time.

Discover the OMI services and find the one that best suits your business needs. As an SDR, you are tasked with building a relationship with your prospects before passing them off to your AM to close the deal. Although letting these negative feelings prevent you from talking to anyone for the rest of your day will negatively affect your 15 following phone calls, don’t let them ruin your prospects’ days as well. As an SDR, it can be tough to balance quality and quantity when reaching out to new contacts. On the one hand, you want to reach out to as many qualified people as possible. On the other hand, you don’t want to waste your time on people who aren’t interested.

How does a sales representative contribute to customer service and retention in small businesses?

How can you demonstrate that you are the most qualified candidate for a Sales Development Representative position? Record your current close rate and then track your close rate using that technique. A test like this can help you isolate what’s working in your sales process and what doesn’t have an impact. By putting care and attention into your prospect’s pain points, you’ll improve your sales skills and enhance your performance.

sales development representative skills

Adopting a growth mindset can make the difference between an average salesperson and a phenomenal one. One way to improve this particular skill set is to study other successful reps at your company; watch specifically the way they respond to customer objections. These reps sell products because they know how to persuade, rather than push. That’s why time management is one of the most important skills for a salesperson, and one that will come in handy throughout all stages of the sales process. To increase your sales and improve your performance, consider professional development opportunities.

For example, an SDR who lacks organization skills might create a physical checklist they can keep handy for every call so they don’t miss any steps. An SDR who is really good at building rapport might need to set a timer for each call so they don’t spend too much time with a single prospect and get off track. To become a successful SDR, there are a few essential skills that will help you succeed. If you’re a manager, you’ll want to share this list with your team in your next sales meeting. The best salespeople know this inherently, and set intentional goals to make the process work for them. Highly effective salespeople use the SMART goal framework to push through challenges and drive their success.

sales development representative skills

They make sure that every lead has what they need and is a good customer fit before setting up the next steps. Much of the process within sales can be automated, and SDRs have to be technologically savvy and continually learning new tech. SDRs spend hours on importing lists, calling, emailing, and booking demos. Some SDRs do much more and follow the sales process until a sale is made.

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